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My dad damaged his hearing working at a saw mill, and is getting on in years so it’s been getting worse, but at the moment it’s more of a family joke than anything. Still, I think he should actually get it checked, and have mentioned it to him more than once, but he just shrugs it off.

One morning, while setting up for church, Mom mentions something to me well within earshot of Dad, and while we’re discussing it, not two minutes later Dad mentions the same thing.

Me: So when are you two getting in to get your hearing checked?

Dad: Hey, great minds think alike.

That evening, while I’m making dinner:

Mom: I need to get a holder for my MP3 player. It keeps running low on batteries; I think it’s turning on in my purse.

Me: Time to crochet a holder?

Dad: What’s running low on batteries?

Mom: My MP3 player.

Dad: You should get a holder for it.

Me: When were you getting your hearing checked again?

Dad: Hey, great minds think alike!

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