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USA | Unfiltered | February 28, 2017

(My family and I are on vacation. I was nine.)

Me: “Mom, I’m going to swim, ok?”

Mom: “Ok, don’t forget to put on sunscreen.”

(I put some on everywhere, because I have been sunburned before and I know it hurts. Once done, I jump into the pool. When I resurface, water drips into my eyes so I rub it away. Afterward, we go back to the hotel.)

Mom: [My Name] you’re sunburned!”

Me: “Ah?” * looks in mirror* “But I put some on my face!”

Dad: “You must’ve forgotten.”

Sister: “Dummy!”

Me: “But I did! I did, I did, I did!”

(My family didn’t believe me. It was only later that we all realized that I rubbed it off in the water. All vacation, I had to go around with red stripes on my face.)

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