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Utah, USA | Unfiltered | February 21, 2017

(I’m talking to my mom following one of my sister’s school performances.)

Me: So [husband’s] work is paying for him to take a couple courses to learn another programming language.

Mom: Oh, really?

Me: Yeah, I think it’s Saas or something. All I know is it’s expensive, but they’re covering the costs. He has conference calls a few hours a day for the next week or so.

Mom: He should record it, and share it with [stepfather].

Me: Uh, Mom, he can’t record it.

Mom: He can’t just set up a camera or something in his office?

Me: No, Mom, it’s a conference call at his work. He doesn’t do it when he works from home.

Mom: Oh, I thought it was just some training videos or something.

Me: No, he can’t record stuff like that, Mom. He works for the government!

(I decided it wasn’t worth going into why what she was suggesting was ethically wrong.)

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