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My parents are very wealthy, hoity–toity white people. I am accepting of everyone, and not rich (and nothing like them). I’m over at their house visiting for dinner. I just moved and am recently divorced. I’m a guy.

Mom: You know, you could bring a friend over some time when you visit if you want.

Me: I’d have to have a friend for that.

Mom: I mean, like if you had a special friend and wanted to bring them over.

Me: Shall I assume you’re referring to a girlfriend?

Dad: Well you had better not bring a boyfriend over.

Me: In that case, I’m going to turn gay and bring over my boyfriend just to piss you off.

Dad: You had better not.

Mom: It’s okay if you’re gay honey we’ll still love you… Just don’t bring over any blacks.

Me: Woooooow.

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