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SC, USA | Unfiltered | December 30, 2016

New Years Eve, some five-ish years ago, my parents’ home group from church and their kids all met at a local baseball field at night to set off fireworks. (Isolated location, no chance of bothering anyone)

I was helping some of the older boys (by which I mean probably 17 years old) set up stands to shoot the bottle rockets, and one of them had the idea of tying two of the little “cherry bomb” types together by the fuses, then putting them in the launch tube.

We all stood back at the edge of the field as one of the guys lit it, then ran. Suddenly, the girl standing next to me muttered, “Uh oh.”
Shortly followed by, “Ohhhh no.”

The stand had tipped over.

When the fuse burned down, the tube tipped over and sent the fireworks shooting out across the field. The boys had to run out and stamp out three tiny fires we started.

…and yet for some reason we were still allowed to light the fireworks.

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