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Unfiltered | December 15, 2016

My older brother and I often pretend to kill each other in various ways. We’re both sitting on the couch next to (Sister), who is trying to get some work done on the computer. Our parents are on the other couch, watching us.

Me: “Poke.”

Brother: “Stab.”

Me: “Stabby stab!”

Brother: “I just wanna hold you under water until the bubbles stop.”

Mom: “Hey no!”

Brother: “What? It’d be like baptism. Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.”

Me: (muttered) “I’ll put a hole in Your ghost!”

Brother: “How? I’d be ectoplasm!”

Me: “I’ll kill you, then kill your ghost.”

Sister looks up from computer, having only caught this distressing line.

Sister: “WHAT?!”