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(My older brother has always been a bit of a trickster. One New Year’s eve, my parents take all of us for a drive for whatever reason, and my youngest brother falls asleep before we get home. It’s 11:00 p.m. and my older brother is really excited for New Year’s day.)

Older Brother: I know! Let’s wake up (youngest brother) and tell him it’s already the New Year!

Middle Brother: But it’s not New Year’s yet.

Older Brother: (smug) It is in New York!

Sister: Fine. Hey, (youngest brother), wake up. You’re missing New Year’s.

Older Brother: Yeah, there’s a parade and everything!

Youngest Brother: (waking up and seeing that he’s lying) I hate you all. (Promptly goes back to sleep and has to be carried in by our dad.)

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