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Mn, usa | Unfiltered | December 1, 2016

(5 of my cousins attend the same school I do. My sister and I ride the bus with them, the younger two living with us. My younger male cousin is a bully and likes to steal. On this day my 7 year old male cousin has decorated a pumpkin for his mom and is very proud of it. He has it out when the bus lurches forward and he loses it. One of the younger boys come up to me.

Young boy: Your cousin lost his pumpkin on the bus and the dirt trail ends at [bully cousins] feet!

(I go and check to confirm this. The boy is telling the truth.)

Me: [Bully cousin]!

Bully cousin: I DON’T HAVE ANYTHING!

Me: Give [seven year old] his pumpkin back. Now.

Bully cousin: *ignores me*

(This continues for the whole ride. He starts shouting and crying he doesn’t have it, but that only means he does)

Me: [Bully cousin]! Give. Me. The. Pumpkin. Its almost your stop and your sisters and I know you have it! [Seven year old cousin] made that for [Aunt] not you!

Bully cousin: *slams down pumpkin and gets off the bus* (I facepalm and return the pumpkin to my cousin. As always my cousin cryed about me to his parents and my uncle calls to chew me out, only to be stopped by my mom. My aunt pointed out the pumpkin had my cousins name all over it and would have been busted anyway. I just shrugged, and told her he still can’t go around stealing things. Its not right. My bully cousin still is a pain, but behaves now because I stopped him.

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