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chicago | Unfiltered | November 24, 2016

I am watching markiplier, a gamer on youtube who has just hit four million subscribers. My mom walks in the room and just stares at the computer screen likie i’m watiching porn. witch I have paused so I can give her my full attention. I am 18 Are you stalking him No I’ve seen you looking at him before ( I am a straight guy though my mom has her doubts I’m calling your brother

She calls up my brother
Yeah josh, I thinkj your little brother is stalking some guy, hes on a site with a video and theres a dude wearing headphones in thew upper corner.

They talk for a minute before I hear “the site is called youtube, the video has 2.3 million views, what does that mean” another minute later she turns around a asks me to go move some boxs up to the attic like nothing just happened, she also hands me her phone.

my brother”I thiink she might be a little stressed out ,but ,hey at least it wasn’t porn” he immediatly hangs up.

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