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Unfiltered | October 6, 2016

(I’m playing with my 9 month old son. To see how he reacts to it, I put one of his small, plastic shapes down his shirt. No reaction. I don’t think anything about it until more than half an later, after we’ve had dinner and my husband is playing with our son.)

Husband: [Son], what is this down your shirt? [My Name], how did he get a toy down his shirt?

Me: Oh my gosh, I totally forgot about that! I put it down his shirt to see if he’d do anything about it.

Husband: How long ago was that?

Me: It was when we were playing before dinner. Now I feel like a horrible parent, because he had that down his shirt while he was sitting in his chair. The poor kid didn’t even complain!

(My husband jokingly chastised me, but I’m sure he thought I was nuts. Our son didn’t seem to care, which helped my tender mommy heart feel a teeny bit less guilty. I’ve learned my lesson, though.)