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Sydney, Australia | Unfiltered | October 3, 2016

My sister runs an ironing business, she’s been trying to get me to do alterations and repairs for years. She brings over a pair trousers that need hemming for a client. She only comes over when she wants something.

Sister “I told a client that you sewed and they sent over these for hemming.”

Me *looking to make a little more cash “Yeah I’ll do it”

Sister “I quoted him $5”

Me “But everywhere else charges $15 – $20”.

Sister “that’s what I quoted”

I do the pants and she comes to pick them up. Opens her wallet to pay, showing a wad of $50 notes.

Sister “Oh I don’t have change, I’ll pay you later”

Me *knowing I’ll never see the money “I have change of $50, it’s just all in two and one dollar coins, I’ll get it”

Sister *running out the door “I’ll bring $5 next week”.

Several months go by, sister turns up at my door with a load of chair covers that need repairing.

Sister “My client needs these fixed”.

Me “Nope not doing it”.

Sister “But I told her you would and even quoted for it”

Me “You didn’t check if I could do it, or get me to quote. Oh and the kicker is that you didn’t pay me last time”.

Sister “Yes I did, I remember getting my wallet out”.

Me “You did get it out and flashed a wad of 50’s at me, then told me you didn’t have change”.

Sister “I came back and gave it to you”.

Me “this is the first time I’ve seen you since then, you only come over when you want something. Actually I’m still waiting to be paid for ironing for you when you went on 2 weeks holiday, then refused to pay me because I didn’t fill in a piece of paper that you didn’t give me. (Husband) told me if you don’t pay me, I don’t do it”

She finally got the hint and now doesn’t come over at all, even though she is living next door and sponging off our retired parents.

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