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Rotterdam, The Netherlands | Unfiltered | September 28, 2016

(My girlfriend and I have gone out to the local zoo on the longest day of the year. The park opened as early as 9am and would stay open to 10pm, which would be 13 hours of fun watching the animals and such.

Around 1:30pm we’re sitting on a bench on our way back to the entrance and have already had enough. I feel the need to text my mom. Note that 1:30pm amounts to 13:30 military time.)

Me: “13 hours in the zoo? It’s only half past one and we’ve already seen almost everything there is to see! I think we’re going back home far before the closing time of 22:00.”

Mom: “You know you don’t have to rush through the park, right? It’s meant to be a calm experience where you can walk at your own pace and see all the animals and enjoy the plants and things? You can just relax, you know?”

Me: “What?”

Mom: “I think you’ve been rushing through the park to see everything as fast as possible. I think you’re not allowing your girlfriend to see everything at her own pace on her first time there.”

Me: “We’ve been here since 9am and have walked through the park and back at our own pace! Girlfriend and I have had the most relaxing and romantic day since we met and are just getting a bit bothered by the increasing heat. How would you know what we did when you’re not here?”

Mom: “Oh, I thought 13h meant you were only in the park since 1pm…”

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