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Unfiltered | September 24, 2016

(My grandmother is in her 80s, but isn’t senile or hard of hearing. A few years ago my family vacationed with her and the rest of my mom’s side in a rental just off the beach. Dogs aren’t technically allowed on the sand until the month after our visit, but people still bring them out in the early morning. This conversation happened just after I came home from a dawn walk on the beach.)

Grandmother: So did you see any dogs on the beach?

Me: Yeah, lots! There were these four bloodhounds, and–

Grandmother (as if I haven’t spoken): Oh, no of course not, dogs aren’t allowed on the beach yet.

Me: Well, people still bring them this early in the morning; I saw like a dozen.

Grandmother (completely self-assured): Nope, no dogs on the beach…

(And later the rest of my extended family believed me that I’d seen dogs, but when I told them what kinds none bought that a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever was a real breed! Who knew seeing domestic dogs on a beach could end up being treated like a tall tale…)

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