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Tacoma, WA, USA | Unfiltered | September 23, 2016

(My family has been going around a museum most of the morning and separated into groups. I’m with my aunt and my cousin/her niece, who is 7 years old, looking around the gift shop, and see others in our family leaving the museum. We try to leave to catch up to them, but…)

Aunt: Okay [Cousin], let’s go find everybody else.

Cousin: *holds up a couple of toys* But we need to buy these first!

Aunt: How much are those? *they total around $50* Sweetie, we need to put those back.

Cousin: No! I want these! *she grabs another, larger toy* This one’s my favorite!

Me: Come on, it’s lunch time, you’ve already got toys in the car.


(This is her go-to phrase whenever she doesn’t get her way immediately.)

Me: I seriously doubt your mom wants you to have all of those.


(She starts banging the toys on the floor and counter as she heads to the register. She plunks the smaller ones in front of the confused cashier, and hugs the biggest to her chest, glaring.)

Cashier: Uh, should I ring these up, or…?

Aunt: Sorry, no. *to me* Go find [Cousin’s Mother], will you please?

(I had to go looking to find my other aunt and direct her to the gift shop, and stood at a safe distance while my cousin was dragged from the gift shop kicking and screaming.)

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