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My sister had decided that she would learn to sew and had my grandmother show her how to.

She was showing me items that she’d made for her daughters.

Me “You haven’t made anything for (son)? He’s going to feel so left out”.

Sister “No Nanna told me that sewing for boys was so much harder than for girls”

Me “What? No it’s not, they wear the same clothes these days, a boy’s tshirt is exactly the same as a girl’s. I”m telling you he is going to get upset”. *I had been sewing for years.

Sister “Nah, he’ll be right, he doesn’t care and sewing for boys is harder, Nanna told me”.

A few days later I get a call.

Sister “Um you were right. (Son’s) preschool teacher told me that he got up in front of the whole class to tell them that I had learned to sew. And that I sewed everything for his sister but “don’t sew nothing for me”.

Me “Haha, told you so”.

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