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Unfiltered | September 11, 2016

(I’m at the beach with my kids. With my 12 year old daughter on one side of me and my 3 year old daughter on the other, we are digging in the sand near the water while the my two boys hunt for jellyfish and other sea creatures at the water’s edge. My 3 year old makes a small sand hill.)

3 year old: It’s a princess castle!

Me: (not paying too much attention, as I’m watching my boys) Mmm-hmmm….

(She make faces on it and smooths it out again)

3 year old: Mommy, you dig too!

(I make a smaller sand hill next to hers while keeping an eye on my boys. It eventually grows to approximately the same size as hers.)

3 year old: *in a pleased voice* They are twin princess castles!

Me: (Still not paying too much attention) Wow!

(My 3 year old then proceeds to put a small bump on the top of each hill.)

3 year old: The princess castle has a pony tail!

(I glance over and realize that the sculpture has suddenly started to look like something a drunk college frat guy would build. Meanwhile, my 3 year old is happily burbling on about her “twin princess castles with ponytails.” I harrumph in my 12 year old daughter’s direction.)

Me: Hmm… well… that doesn’t look too appropriate…

12 year old: *looks, pauses, then breaks into hysterical giggles*

12 year old: I thought you meant the other end!

Me: I think we need to smush this before we leave…

12 year old: *laughs hysterically*