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CT | Unfiltered | September 5, 2016

(My mother, sister, and I are sitting and eating dinner while my father is out. My father is a very quiet man who is more of the strong silent type, while my mother is very talkative and is a social butterfly. We end up talking about what I would want in a guy, because I am fifteen, going on sixteen, nearing the age for dating.)

Me: “…But most of all, I want a guy who understands my weirdness, and one who listens to me but doesn’t make me do all the talking”

Mother: *laughs* “Your father can be like that. He may seem like he’s very quiet-”

Me: “Yeah, I know, but when he talks about something he really likes, he becomes a big mouth”

Mother: “Don’t say that about your father. Maybe about other guys, but don’t describe your father that way.”

Me: “Fine. He becomes a version of you”

Mother: *laughs* “Oh no. Not even close. That would be the ultimate low for him”

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