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(I’m in a very good mood and walking around the house singing. My brother and dad are known as mood killers no matter what the situation is.)

Me: Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof…clap along-

Dad: So, is he dead?

Me: What? Dead Who?

Dad: My soon to be son-in-law. You’re singing is it because he is dead?

Me: *sigh* I am in a good mood, please don’t ruin it and no I would be crying.

Brother: Marrying you is a suicide so he is dead anyways.

Me: *trying not to scream* You think you are smart, huh? You know what? Your girl is as ugly as a duck! It’s my choice and my life so please don’t bother! *walking away*

Brother: Oh yeah? FYI your guy looks like a monkey having constipation when he laughs!

Me: DON’T YOU DARE! And your girl looks like a dead fish when she yawns!

Brother: That doesn’t make any sense.

Me: I know. I am going to miss this I don’t want to go.

Dad: [Brother], let’s go kill him then! No guy, no marriage.

Me: *sigh*

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