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Sydney, Australia | Unfiltered | September 2, 2016

My niece was having a baby shower at a nearby restaurant, I am one of the last to arrive.
I say hello to my niece and sit down in an empty seat next to my mother. My butt has barely hit the chair, when Niece’s mother in law (MIL)says something.

MIL *to my mother, not even saying hello to me “Are you going to tell (my name)?”

Me “Tell me what?”

Mother “(MIL) wants some sewing done”.

MIL “I’m in a wedding and I need an outfit changed, it’s too revealing, too long and too tight. Your mother said that you would fix it for me”.

Me *fuming “And when is the wedding?”

MIL “Next month”.

Me “I’ll think about it”. *purposely changes subject and starts chatting to my niece.

Later I pull Mum aside

Me “Why did you volunteer me to do it?”

Mum “Well she was discussing the outfit and your sister said that you sewed.”

Me “You know I hate it when you and (sister) keep telling people that I will do things like this for them. I swore that (niece’s friend) wedding was the last one I did, because it’s so stressful. I’m also angry at the fact that she didn’t even greet me first and told me instead of asking”.

Mum “Well I’ll just do it myself then, if you can’t”

Me “No I know where this leads, you’ll call me over and I’ll feel guilty and end up doing it. Not going to happen”.

Mum finally got the message, has stopped volunteering me.

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