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(My family is very old fashioned, traditional, and fairly religious. I, however, am a metal-loving, all black wearing fantasy and sci-fi geek. On this particular occasion, my mom has accompanied me to the mall, and when we are both done shopping, meets me at my favorite store to pay for the clothes I selected.)

Mom: *walks in* “What happened to the lights? It’s so dim in here! And what is that horrible sound? And where are all their nice clothes? There’s just shirts with stupid logos on them.”

Me: “The lighting is supposed to be dim, those sounds are one of my favoite band’s songs, and those are their clothes. The logos aren’t stupid; they’re references to some of the best music and most amazing books, movies, and T.V. shows. This store fits my style, and if you don’t like it, then that’s your problem, not mine. So why don’t you stop being so close-minded and learn to sccept different things!?”

(I then hand her the Star Wars t-shirt I was planning on getting, and with my head held high, walk up to the counter, expecting her to follow.)

Mom: “Wait – you expect me to buy you this? It’ll make you look like some sort of loser.”

Me: “Well, unlike some people, I don’t give a d***.”

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