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(Lately, I have to show my homework to my father so he knows it’s done. So, I went out to the garage, where he and my sister are working on something. I’m 13, my sister is 12.)

Me: Alright Dad, here it is. The-

Sister: Hey, what’s this key for?

Me: *clears throat* The pop-

Sister: Is this the hide-a-key?

Dad: What- What are you talking about?

Sister: The key we hide under your workbench for the garage. I’m going to see if it fits!

Me: The population den-

Sister: Do you mind if I try this?

Dad: No- Don’t lock the door! We won’t be able to get in until your mother gets home! (My mother was at a massage at this time.)

Sister: Well, won’t [My Name] be in there to open it?

Dad: No! He’s out here, trying to read me his homework!

Sister: Alright! Alright! I’ll just leave the door open.

Dad: NO! All the cold air will get into the house! Just wait until he’s done! Go ahead, [My Name].

(I then proceed to recite my entire assignment, which was about site factors in the U.K., while all the while, my sister, blatantly ignoring what my father said, was standing in the doorframe with the door wide open, jiggling a key that she found into the keyhole of our garage door. This was extremely annoying, and I recited my assignment with a bit of an edge to my voice.)

Dad: [Sister’s Name], can you stop that and help me?

Sister: One second, Daddy. (She continues jiggling the key in the hole.)

Dad: [My Name], you can go back inside now. If you hear a lot of loud thumps right in a row, you can call 911.

Me: Thanks Dad.

(I then go back inside, and visit Not Always Working, while I can hear my dad bawling out my sister for being extremely rude, blatantly ignoring what he said, and getting her iPad Mini taken away. Those were her exact words. She starts fake crying, and launches into her “I love you, Daddy” speech, and then comes back inside, without saying a word, with a foul look on her face. That karmic boomerang, it’s a terrible thing.)

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