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(I am at a friend’s house celebrating having lived one year where I live now. I am a 13 year old girl with no significant other. My friend stands up with an announcement.)

Friend: I have something you all need to hear. [My Name], come here

Me: Um…okay…

(I am confused, and then it dawns on me. I had recently come out to my friend.)

Me: Well, guys, I’m bi.

Mom: Okay?

Dad: That’s nice.

Sister: Ew…you’re half f**

Me: Excuse me?!

Sister: Why would you like girls?! Girls are meant to make babies! Not get together with f**s!

Mom: What the f**k [Sister]?!

Friend: Uh…

Sister: What?! I’m telling the truth! She’s half f**!

Me: You are wrong on so many levels. You can no longer come into my room at all.

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