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Michigan | Unfiltered | July 15, 2016

(We recently bought a 60 inch tv and put the 40 inch tv on the floor in the computer room until we can decide what to do with it. I have an older style 64 inch tv that I let my 17 yr. old son keep in his room for video games. My boyfriend, our 2 sons and I are in the computer room. My 17 yr old son is sitting in the chair, tilting a wooden stool over towards the tv on the floor.)

Me: Stop tilting that before you break the tv!

Boyfriend: You break it, the 60 inch is coming out of your room.

Me: 64 inch.

18 yr. old Son: Oooh! 4 inches! Like that makes a difference.

Boyfriend: 4 inches makes a big difference!

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