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So my dad has a seizure at the pub and splits his lip open. It’s closing time, my grandmother is in bed and unable to drive. I’m 17, my sister 14 and my cousin is 22 and also living with my grandparents but still learning to drive. So, while he doesn’t need an ambulance he does need to stitches. We have no money and dad is too drunk to remember his pin number. So…well, my cousin drives us all the the hospital. They fix him up, my cousin drives us home. We all live, although it’s a scary ride. We go home to our mum and she grills us about our trip to dads as usual when she picks us up.

Mum: Did your dad drive?

Me: No. Not at all.

Mum: You sure? (sister), did dad drive?

Sister: No mum, promise.

Mum: Promise?

Me: Yeah promise.

Sister: We promise mum. It was (cousin) that drove us all to the hospital and then Dad was too ill to even go out.

Mum: (cousin) drove you to the hospital? What happened.

(We explain the seizure and the stitches.)

Mum: I didn’t know (cousin) had his license yet.

Sister: He doesn’t. He’s only have seven lessons. It was well scary.

(At this point I go bright red from worry about getting into trouble, my sister goes bright red from realising what she just said and my mother goes bright red from anger but manages to keep her cool while she’s driving. From the screaming over the phone later, my dad got another talking too. She also (calmly) explained to my cousin that next time he should just leave my dad and wait until the next day unless it’s an actual emergency.

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