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Unfiltered | June 24, 2016

(I’m currently packing up some of my childhood things and my cousin is helping me. Note: My family has a deep love of puns.)

Cousin: What is this thing?

Me: That’s my old “leopard skin rug” from my animal print phase. It’s just a flat stuffed animal with a big head. Mom bought it for me to lay over my purple jaguar print comforter.

Cousin: It’s cute!

Me: Yeah it is… What the hell, I’m going to take it to my apartment. I’ll need to clean it first though, it’s been in storage so long it’s going to need it.

(I then proceed to look it over but I’m unable to find a tag or cleaning instructions.)

Me: Huh. No tag. I guess that means no washing machine, it must be spot clean only.

Cousin: *starts laughing*

Me: What did I miss?

Cousin: It’s a leopard stuffed animal… That’s spot clean only…

Me: Oh god… I didn’t even mean to do that.