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(I am seven, and my older sister is babysitting me. We are playing in the living when we hear a crash in the kitchen. We cautiously go to look, thinking it’s a robber. The kitchen ceiling light fixture has fallen and shattered to pieces.)

Sister: “Oh! Mom’s gonna be mad at me. I’m supposed to be babysitting and this happens!” *starts picking up the glass*

Me: “Why would she be mad at you? You were with me. And don’t pick up glass, you’ll cut yourself.”

Sister: *stops, gets a craty look* “I’ll just say you were playing with it and you did it….”

Me: “Hey!”

(Our mom comes home and stares in shock at the mess.)

Mom: “Ok, what happened?! Who did this?!”

Sister: “She did it!”

Me: “Did not!Liar!”

Mom: “Okay, whoever did it speak up now and you won’t be punished!”

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