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(One summer when my brother was 4 and I was 5, our dad was driving us to get ice cream. This was back before all of the vehicle safety laws, so my brother and I are both riding in the front seat with the seat belt on. I am on the outside by the door and he is on the inside)

Me: This ice cream is so good!

Brother: (Un-clicks the seat belt and pulls it over the two of us and leans over me)

Me: What are you doing?

Brother: (Opens the door and proceeds to shove me out)

Me: ( I fall and roll to the ground, we’re driving about 25 mph)

Dad: (Slams on the brakes and puts it in park in the middle of the road in fear of just having ran over his own son. He gets out and runs to the back of the car and over to the passenger side, I am no where to be found. He thinks that I may have gotten hit by an upcoming vehicle and drug down the road) His mother is going to kill me!

Me: (I was so scared by the situation that I had jumped up and quickly got back into the vehicle before my dad noticed)

Dad: How did you get back into the vehicle? Are you okay?

Me: No (I start to cry) I lost my ice cream cone, can we go get more?!

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