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(I do not like my mother very much, but I decided to visit so that I could spend time with my siblings without her getting upset with me or them. I have had to spend an extra night due to bad weather and am growing tired of listening to her get mad at my little sisters for no good reason. My two youngest sisters are teasing my oldest/younger sister over dinner, and my mother decides to join them, rather than act like an adult. My sister is also sensitive about food-related things, because she is always blamed for food going missing. Just because she weighs more doesn’t mean she’s the only one who can eat sweets without permission.)

Sister 2: Yeah, [Sister 1] eats candy in the shower.

Sister 1: *Getting upset* No I don’t! Stop saying that!

Sister 3: Yes you do!

Sister 2: Yeah, there are wrappers in the bathroom all the time!

Sister 1: That doesn’t mean that it’s me!

(By now, she is visibly upset, and I start feeling the need to help, since our mother hasn’t done so.)

Mother: Aww, don’t be so touchy! They’re joking!

Sister 1: It’s not funny!

Mother: Get a sense of humor!

Sister 2: Yeah! And it’s true!

Sister 1: Stop!

(I am struggling to not say the wrong thing, but I can’t help myself.)

Me: She said it’s not funny!

Mother: She just needs to get a sense of humor!

Me: No, she doesn’t need to gt a sense of humor, it’s not funny to tease people!

Mother: It’s a joke!

Me: It’s a joke at her expense! It’s not funny if the person you’re joking about is upset about it.

Sister 1: Yeah, I don’t think it’s funny. It’s hurting my feelings.

Mother: You need to learn to take a joke, [Sister 1].

Me: I really think you need to stop now. This isn’t anywhere near funny. You are laughing at [Sister 1] and making her upset.

(By the end of this, I am not convinced that my mother notices she did anything wrong. My two sisters who teased became very quiet during this, and realized that they chose a poor audience to tease in front of. They knew they were doing something wrong. It’s sad when a 16- and 12-year old know they should stop teasing their sister and a 43-year-old doesn’t know when she should stop hurting her daughter.)

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