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Unfiltered | May 26, 2016

(I am sitting at home when the doorbell rings. My dad goes to get it. He comes back after a little while.)

Dad: “You won’t believe this. Some little girls in the neighborhood have keyed your car!”

Me: “What?!”

(My car is old, so I’m not really upset about it being defaced. What I am is shocked that two girls would do such a thing. We live in a nice neighborhood. I go to the door. I see a stern looking man and 2 little blonde girls with red eyes and in tears.)

Dad: *to man* “This the owner of the car.”

Me: “Um, hello.”

Man: “Yes, hi. I caught my daughters scratching your car with a key and brought them over to apologize personally.”

Me: “Um, ok.”

Girls: “We’re sorry!”

Me: “Uh, that’s all right. The car is old anyway.”

Man: “Doesn’t matter! Let me assure you, these girls will be severely punished! There is n excuse for what they did! Of course, I will be paying for any repairs, if you need it.”

Me: “Thanks but it’s not necessary…”

Girls: *bawl*

(An awkward silence falls, except for the girls crying their eyes out, and finally the man and his daughters leave. I feel sort of sorry for the girls, their father was way more furious than I was!)