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New Jersey | Unfiltered | May 1, 2016

*I am a senior girl in high school and a huge Dr. Who fan. This happens right before bed soon before ED applications are due. I am torn between 2 schools and can’t decide which to go with.* My mom: [my name], You have got to stop avoiding it and pick your ED college

Me: uhhhhh

My mom: well where do you want to go?


My mom: ok Mrs. Who *sees me smirking and quickly adds* I mean Ms. Who.

Me: Mrs. Who? Since when am I River Song?

My mom: … [my name] …

Me: Since when am I named after myself? I don’t want to be named after myself…

*goes on a little more with me making who references and her trying to get me to stop* My mom: fine just go to bed…

Me: thank you. *gets up and walks away*

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