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New Jersey | Unfiltered | April 30, 2016

(I am a high school first semester senior girl but my parents have a strict rule against me dating in high school. I tell my parents about all my friends, many of whom are male, and have a huge crush on one of my guy friends from school and am almost certain he likes me, but parents do not know we like each other. I have been trying to subconciously work the idea of when I can date into the conversation to get them to repeal the rule. For some reason my parents decide to talk about what they hope for in a guy I date)

Me: you don’t find it strange that you are trying to create my future boyfriend when I am not allowed to date?

Parents: well it is coming up, you can date in college.

Me: well what if I find someone sometime in the summer?

Parents: I guess that would be fine

Me: what about next semester after I know where I will be going to college

Mom: I guess, but who would you date? Do you have someone in mind?

Me: no, I was just clarifying just in case

Dad: well what about (my crush)? I like him, he is nice and smart and would make a good boyfriend.

Mom: No, they are just good friends.

Me: (feeling uncomfortable with the conversation) umm well I didn’t have anyone in mind and (crush) and I are just friends. I was just wondering if I could.

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