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(Background: My 14 year old brother is currently obsessed with ‘that’s what she said’ jokes and is driving our mother to distraction.

I was reorganising my room to put in an old armchair from downstairs and I had refused any help because I knew exactly how I wanted it. I was finally done and dragged the chair upstairs.)

Mum: You sure you don’t want any help?

Me: No thanks. (she stands there wincing and making worried noises as I try and get up the stairs with the armchair) Seriously, I’m fine. Go away.(she laughs and leaves.) (I get the chair up onto the landing only to find I couldn’t get it through my door.)

Me: Mum, it won’t fit through the door. (mum comes up and looks at it.)

Mum: after all that? I’m sure it will.

(between us we manage to get the chair through the door and Mum pokes her tongue out at me and starts doing a victory dance.)

Mum: *very sarcastically* Oh, won’t it fit, darling?

Me: That’s what he said.

Mum: Oh, no!

(dashes back downstairs while my brother high fives me).

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