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Unfiltered | April 1, 2016

(I’m studying abroad next term and my boyfriend and I have been talking bout going on a break while I am away. I am retelling the conversation to my sister the next day.)

Me: …and then he said he didn’t want me to be thinking of him all the time while I’m there and not enjoy myself, which makes sense, but then asked him if he would still be there for me once I was back, and he said ‘yes’. And I know it’s still a long time before I leave but –

Sister: That is so dumb. I know I’ve never done this, but why don’t you just break up? Just break up before you leave because ‘going on a break’ doesn’t work.

Me: Well-

Sister: I’m just staying, like I’ve never done long distance, but it makes more sense. I’ve never done this but why say you’re ‘going on a break’ when you know it won’t work? Or at least I don’t think it will work, I’ve never done this before. Just break up!

Me: I-

Sister: Like don’t take what I’m saying for serious because I’ve never done this, but it just makes more sense to break up rather than fool yourselves into thinking it’s just a break.

Me: Ok! I understood the first time you said it.

[sister glares at me]

Sister: Well SORRY for saying it twice.