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Unfiltered | March 3, 2016

[My sisters and I are all grown and live in different towns, but we and our mother all live within the same twenty-mile radius. As I am getting ready for work one day, my phone rings. I see my mother is calling.]

Me: Hello?

Mom: What the h*** is all over the road?!

Me: …what?

Mom: There are stones and junk all over the road! I can hear them flying up and hitting my car! What is this?!?

Me: How in the world would I know?!

Mom: *pauses* …[my name]?

Me: Yeah?

Mom: I dialed the wrong daughter.

[It turned out she was driving on the same street where my sister lives, and they were putting down what they call “oil and chips”. She was trying to call my sister and somehow got me instead.]