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One afternoon while folding laundry with my eldest daughter (who was 5 at the time) we were having a fun conversation about her wanting to be an Obstetrician. The conversation turns to what happens when Mommy gets old.

Me: “Well you know, when I get old, you’ll have to take care of me and change my diapers like I changed yours.”

Daughter: “No I won’t.”

Me: “Why not?!! I changed your diapers! You have to change mine! That’s part of the deal, kiddo!”

Daughter: “Nope. I’ll be too busy being a doctor to take care of you!”

Me: *mock outrage* “Well who is going to take care of me then?”

Daughter: “I’m going to put you in a nursing home and pay someone to change your diapers!”

Me: *laughing* “Well that’s just not nice!”

Daughter: “Well changing diapers on old people isn’t nice either!”

Me: “Well, I hope [Younger daughter’s name] decides to take care of me!”

From the other room, I hear [Younger Daughter] yell, “Nope! Shipping you off to a nursing home mom!”

We all laugh and I decree, before rushing off into a tickle fight, “I have the worst kids EVAAARRRR!!!!!!”
Now, three years later, I’m still being told I’m going to the nursing home when I’m old and pooping myself.

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