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Sabah | Unfiltered | February 20, 2016

My younger sisters and I were having dinner in the kitchen. There was no serving spoon for the vegetables so I used my own spoon to scoop some vegetables and started eating them. I proceeded to use the same spoon to scoop some more when I finished my first batch.

Youngest sis: “What the heck? Why did you do that???”

Me & younger sis: “Do what?”

Youngest sis: “You scooped the vegetable with your used spoon! That’s disgusting! I wanted to eat the vegetable as well. Now I don’t feel like eating it.”

Me: “Sorry, sorry. Won’t happen again.”

Then, I realised something.

Me: “So, (youngest sis), how were you going to scoop out the vegetables for yourself since there is no serving spoon?”

Youngest sis: (Kept quiet for a little while.)

Me: “Well?”

Youngest sis: “Shut up!”

We all were laughing out loud as she continued eating her food.

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