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Unfiltered | February 15, 2016

(I am a very big fan of Les Misérables, and I’ve recently taken up the challenge of reading the entire 2000 page book in a week. Since I spend so much time absorbed in the story, I sometimes start talking about it and forget to mention it’s Les Misérables, not real life.)

Me, excitedly: Dad, Dad, I LOVE the Friends of the ABC!

Dad: What? Who are they?

Me: You know, they’re the students. They meet at a cafe – I can’t remember its name – and they call themselves the Friends of the ABC. It’s actually a pun on the french word, “abaissé”.

Dad: Oh…?

Me: I really like Enjolras, and Courfeyrac and Jehan. But they’re all really cool, and they’re so funny! I was laughing every time they said something!

Dad: But… who are they?

Me: Oh, come on, don’t you know? They’re the students, the revolutionaries!

Dad: Revolutionaries?!

Me: Yeah, they’re the ones who build the barricade. I love them so much – it’s going to be so sad when they all die!

Dad: WHAT?!

(At that point, he finally realises that I’m talking about the characters in Les Misérables, and not my actual friends. We had a good laugh about it, and I can understand that he was rather shocked – especially when I said that “it’s going to be sad when they all die”!)

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