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antwerp, belgium | Unfiltered | February 11, 2016

(I just arrived and didn’t had time to get my coat off when my niece barged up to me)

Niece: Rolling Stones or Beatles

Me: what?

Niece (more pressing): Rolling Stones or Beatles?

Me (still wondering what it is about): well, if you ask it like that, Rolling Stones Niece : (screams in frustation) Brother (alarmed by the distress of his 16 year old): what’s happening?

Me (still unsure): well, she let me choose between Rolling Stones and Beatles

Brother: sure, Rolling stones, of courses

Me: duhuh

Niece: what is wrong with this family

Dad: don’t worry dear, I think it is Beatles too Me (to my brother): old people

Brother: I suppose he has to,as a granddad…

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