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Unfiltered | February 6, 2016

( Two months ago, me and my mom are in a game store and my mom is looking for a game that she might buy. Note that the game she is looking for is for the Nintendo WII.)

Mom: (My name), can you help me find a game?

Me: What game are you looking for?

Mom: Wheel of Fortune.

(I begin searching and finally find it.)

Me: Here it is.

(My mom gives it a quick look over and then puts it back.)

Me: Aren’t you going to buy it?

Mom: I can’t. We don’t have a WII.

Me: Yes, we do.

Mom: No, we don’t. We have a Nintendo. We don’t have a WII.

Me: Mom, the WII was created by Nintendo. Hence it’s name. The Nintendo WII. You played it the first day that dad bought it. You gonna buy the game?

Mom: I’ll buy it the next time we come in.

(One week later, guess what conversation we ended up having?)