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Unfiltered | February 2, 2016

My sister and I are visiting NYC for a few days and we meet up two of our cousins for dinner. Afterwards, one of the cousins is waiting for her subway on the same platform as us. We start telling her funny stories about getting lost on the first day.

Cousin: oh, I know how that is. When I first moved here, I kept a list of which way I had to turn coming out of the subway.

Me: that’s not a bad idea.

Cousin: I didn’t know much about the city other than all the songs.

Me (singing): in the heart of little old New York, you’ll find a thoroughfare. It’s the part of little old New York that runs into Times Square.

Cousin: is that a real song?

Sister: I’ve never heard it.

Me: come and meet those dancing feet on the avenue I’m taking you to: 42nd street!

Blank looks.

Me: yeah, you still don’t know the city.