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Unfiltered | January 22, 2016

(I’m driving along with my two sons, 9 and 5. We’re talking about Iron Man. The 9-year old loves wordplay.)

9-Year Old: What if it was “I, Ron Man”?

Me: I, Ron, am your king!

9-Year Old: King of the Jews!

Me: (startled) Uh, do you know what that means?

9-Year Old: Uh, not really.

Me: Well, Jesus was referred to as “king of the Jews.”

5-Year Old: I don’t like Jewish people.

Me: (even more startled) What? What about Samantha [a Jewish friend who is around his age)]?

5-Year Old: She’s not Jewish!

Me: Yes she is. Her whole family’s Jewish.

9-Year Old: (to 5-year old) Don’t become the second Hitler!!