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Unfiltered | January 6, 2016

My Father only comes to visit every few months because of the nature of his job being an over-the-road truckdriver and this one time when I was eight he visited and was doing his laundry and I left the room when came back he was shaking the dryer in frustration.

Dad: The Dryer must be broken I can’t get it to start.

Me: Huh, that’s weird did u put it on the right cycle and everything?

Dad: Yep. I just don’t understand why it doesn’t work.

Me: Did you press the start button?

Dad: Theres a start button?

Me: Duh! Do you know how to work a dryer at all?

Dad: Yeah, but I usually go to laundramats so I don’t know how to work this kind.

Me: Ah.

(I never left him alone to work something again.)