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Unfiltered | January 4, 2016

(My mom works at a bus yard. Both brothers and I are homeschooled, so sometimes my mom had to take us to work. One time, one of my mom’s friends toke my baby brother off her hands for a day.)

-My little brother runs up to my mom, hugging her-

Mom: Hi buddy! What do you have there?

Baby Brother: A piggy! -holds out a small stuffed pig-

(soon enough, some of my mom’s coworkers come though the small hallway, and my baby brother runs up to one of them)

Baby Brother:Look at my pig!

Coworker:That’s very nice little guy -as he tried to get past him, my baby brother got in his way again-

Baby Brother:You can pet him if you want!

coworker:No thank you buddy-again he tries to get past and my brother got in his way a third time-

Baby Brother:-who all of a sudden gets a very serious face- Pet my pig.

-My mom’s coworker, who seemed startled at the 4 foot tall eight year old, pat the pig on the head-

Baby Brother: I said pet him.

Mom:[little brother’s name], he does not need to pet your pig!

-Me and my other brother are cracking up in the corner-

Coworker:No, it’s ok.-pets it on the head-

(this continued for the next half hour, every time my baby brother saw someone he did the same thing. We still tease him for it, he now has a “family” of pigs.)