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Unfiltered | December 29, 2015

(My sister brought home a toy for our dogs; a stuffed elephant that when squeezed, is supposed to sound like an elephant. Instead, it just sounds like a dying animal. Both dogs dislike it, especially our puppy who begins to whimper and shake whenever the sound goes off, so we put it aside in order to return it later. My dad has just gotten home from work.)

Dad: *upon finding the toy* I bet the dogs will like this, have you given it to them yet?

Me: Don’t squeeze it. The sound scares the dogs and makes the puppy freak out.

Dad: Really? That’s weird.

(He then proceeds to squeeze it, and predictably, the puppy starts to cry and shake, before running off into the other room where my mom is.)

Mom: She told you not to squeeze it! Look what you did!

Dad: I was just trying to see if she was being serious or not!