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Unfiltered | December 14, 2015

We live in a large gated home, we hadn’t been living there for more than two months. Our doorbell is outside the gate only and if you’re in the yard, it’s unreachable unless you have a stick or long arms. There are multiple doors to the yard from the house. We’re having a family gathering and two are staying overnight as they’ve come far. After the rest of the family had left around 1 am we locked all house doors to the yard, after a routine head count because someone got locked out before. A 9 year old cousin told us everyone was inside and all doors were locked. Half an hour later an uncle (but not father of above cousin) heard faint banging and investigated. Our two guests were locked out in the yard! It turns out when that cousin head counted, he forgot to count the two guests that were staying overnight! Oh no. We had locked people out in the yard AGAIN. From then on we installed extra doorbells. And they were needed because we have a problem of locking people out. It’s difficult with 12 permanent household members, and unable to keep track of how many guests or if our people are temporarily elsewhere. I guess that’s what happens when your grandparents decide to keep half their children and grandchildren under one roof.