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Unfiltered | December 5, 2015

((I have a Shi-Tzu, Lute, who is exceptionally well behaved and quiet, and I like to joke that he can understand me. My dad is driving Lute and I over to his place. Lute is sitting on my lap with his front paws on the dash, he raises one paw and is about to flop back against me so I can cuddle him. Note: Lute knows what “go home” means and is usually happy to do it because he gets a treat afterwards.))

Me: No, put your paw down please.

*Lute puts his paw back down on the dash*

Dad:…..Does he always listen to you like that???

Me: Only if I say please, he gets offended if I don’t.

((Later my dad has taken Lute outside for a pee and he’s wandering around, not listening to my dad when he calls him))

Dad: Lute, go home! Go inside!

*Lute wanders around*

Dad: Lute, please go home! *looks at me* I said please!

Me: Lute if you don’t go home right now mommy will spank your little bum!

*Lute looks at me, then takes off at a run towards the porch, runs up to the door and I let him inside*

Dad: Your dog is even weirder than you…