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(I live in a city about 2.5 hours by train away from my parents and sister. I’m on the phone to my mum.)

Mum: Your sister found you a boyfriend.

Me: Oh, really? Is that why she wanted me to phone her?

Mum: I guess so. She said she didn’t fancy him but he’d be perfect for you. So there you go.

Me: Ah right. And, er, where does he live?

Mum: Where do you think? Here, of course.

Me: Thought so. I suspect the barrier
between our love is that we’re never going to meet.

Mum: (Irritably) What do you mean? Honestly, you act like you live on the other side of the world. You can meet up on weekends you know. You could come down here or he could visit you.

Me: Mum, before we can meet up for dates on the weekend, we actually have to meet each other. I don’t really want to travel two and a half hours just to meet a complete stranger. I suspect he’d feel the same way about me.

Mum: (Completely seriously) Why don’t you just meet halfway? What’s halfway between you?

Me: I don’t know. I’ve never thought about it.

Mum: It’s Bath, I think. Is there a direct train from you to Bath?

Me: No idea. I’ve never wanted to go to Bath before.

Mum: Well, look it up later and arrange something with him.

Me: (Giving up) Yes, Mum. Will do.

(I don’t even know the man’s name)

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