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Unfiltered | November 19, 2015

(My mother asked me to come along with her as she gets gas, clean her car etc. We stop at a local gas station which has a coffee shop attached to it. She has 90 cents off the gallon due to a local gas point program at a supermarket. I come back to the following conversation)

Mom: I got charged Credit price!

Me: How so?

Mom: I had 90 cents off the gallon, so my gas should’ve been $2.87 not $2.97!

(Gas price for Regular is $3.87 for cash/debit and $3.97 for credit)

Me: Let me see the reciept..

(I read the reciept which shows she paid Debit, meaning the price is correct.)

Me: This is correct.

Mom: No! I should’ve saved $1.00 of the gallon since I paid debit and got the extra 10 cents!

Me: Mom, do the math..you paid debit right?

Mom: Right!

Me: OK so look at the base price for Debit.

(She looks at the board)

Mom: Yeah? I had 90 cents off, but..

Me: But you didn’t pay with Credit. So you get the Debit or Cash price with the 90 cents.

(She thinks about this for a minute.)

Mom: I’m an idiot.

(I told this story to my father later who just quipped: “Your mother and sister have blonde moments all the time I swear.”)

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