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Canada | Unfiltered | October 22, 2015

(My Mother and I are talking on the phone, she’s in an emergency shelter right now. My Mother is very religious, introverted and shy, she doesn’t socialize, and has very linear beliefs. I’ve always wanted my Mother to be a P-Flag Mom but this is a little overboard.)

Mom: *Urgently says my name then Whispers into the phone.* “How do you know if someone is a Lesbian??!”

Me: *laughing* “What?” (I’ve explained

several times before that you can’t really tell someones sexual preference by distinguishing traits.)

Mom: *still quite* “Well…she asked me out for a walk and no one has asked me to go for a walk in 15 years! It was nice. *quieter again* And she tries to take care of me, um she wants me to go move in with her!”

Me: *Speechless* “I don’t think moving in with her is the best idea Mom, you need to be on your own. Just be nice to her Mom.”

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