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Glasgow, Scotland, UK | Unfiltered | October 4, 2015

(I just finished serving a woman with a little boy in a buggy and an older daughter when she approached the cash desk)

Mother: Is a 24 a size 6?

Coworker: Yes, it is.

Mother: All right, I’ll take this then.

(She points to a little girl’s boot her son is holding, and I guess where this is going)

Mother: He won’t let it go, so I’ll just take it.

Coworker: It’s for your little boy?

Mother: He really doesn’t want to let it go so I’ll just get them.

(Coworker attempts to prise the boot away from him, and he starts to cry. Coworker then returns with the boot and rings it up)

Mother: *cheerfully* It’s just so much easier to let him have it!

(We watch as she puts the boots on him. We honestly believed they would have been sneaked back to be returned, but they have never been seen again.)

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